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Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations

Director -  Alikhanov Erkin Huseynagha oghlu
Tel: (012) 492-61-98

Extradition and Legal Assistance Division

Director, Deputy Director – Mammadov Anar Azad oghlu

Tel: (012) 492-17-70


International Legal Assistance and Protocol Service

Chief – Gayibov Ismayil Ismat oghlu

Tel: (012) 492-11-56


Department of International Relations is an independent structural unit of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Main responsibilities and functions of the Department include: to prepare international-legal proposals aimed at the establishment and development of business relations between the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the prosecution authorities of foreign countries, the Ministry of Justice, Foreign and Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the National Central Bureau of Interpol in Azerbaijan, with other law enforcement agencies, as well as to ensure the implementation of other measures; within its authorities to cooperate with prosecutors and other law enforcement agencies of foreign countries, in certain cases via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to maintain business relations with diplomatic representatives of foreign countries; participate in the creation of legal base of cooperation with prosecutors of foreign countries in consent with the departments and division, science and educational institutions of the Prosecutor General's Office; represent the Prosecutor General's Office in other bodies, etc.